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One 2 One Chronic Pain Relief Treatments

Somatic Style Yoga for the relief of Chronic Pain, Some Thai Yoga adjustments may also be used...

Using gentle Somatic Yoga postures to release old patterns of tension, free up muscles & joints that maybe stiff, causing you pain & limiting you full potential...

These session will teach you how to free up muscles an joints that are stuck in old patterns of tension and possibly causing you pain, as well as affecting your mobility. Your tension maybe caused by lifestyle, working conditions or injury, in some cases you may need to seek you doctors permission first, please call for a chat if you think this maybe the case.

£35 1st session

£75 for a follow up 3 week course

Chronic Pain in your Back, Hips, Shoulder & Spine

Back In Action massage bed for realigning your spine and muscles

First session £25
Follow up treatments £20 or 5 for £80

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