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Hopi Ear Candles

A Hopi ear treatment works on the eardrum, middle ear, Eustachian tube and entire system of chambers.

The treatment is soothing, gentle and very relaxing.

A vacuum effect is created, which gently massages the ear drum.

This has the effect of regulating nasal breathing, relieves sinus pressure and pain, increasing blood circulation and stimulating the lymph glands and energy reflex points.

Also breaking up built up ear wax and energy blockages and balancing pressure.

Some conditions Hopi Ear Candles can help with:

Colds: sinusitis: rhinitis: lymph blockages in the neck: headaches: migraines: hyperactivity in children: earache: anxiety: stress: sleep disorders and age related hearing problems

Also very good before and after flying or scuba diving to relieve pressure in the ears.

However this treatment is not suitable for people with perforated ear drums or grommets: Otitis externa & media: conditions affecting the ear (eg:eczema)


Cost £25 for adults; £20 for Children under 18, still in full time education

Time please allow 40 minutes


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