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The revolutionary Inch Loss system by Tibby Olivier

Shrinking Violet works by breaking down FAT cells, which the body then eliminates with other toxins, it also tones the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth, you will feel a difference in how your clothes fit...

Combined with a healthy diet, some gentle to moderate exercises Shrinking Violet can help you achieve a healthy, happy body ... something we all crave

The treatment continues to work for up to three days at which point you could follow up with a Detox Foot Spa to help remove the unwanted fat released by Shrinking Violets body wrap

(please allow 90 minutes for treatment)

Note: We had to take a model for the course, my model lost 6 inches, however one of the models lost 14 inches... WOW ... while this is not the norm, it is however a possibility :)

Rejuvenating Facial massage & Faith Lift tightening Mask £30

Facial massage using gentle cupping to stimulate collagen & increase blood circulation to your face, jaw & neck... followed by a tightening face mask... This is a lovely treatment that will leave your face glowing & radiant...

Faith Lift Mask is a totally safe and non-invasive face lift, it is a naturally derived, skin tightening mask that will help to physically lift sagging skin & reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  This lift will last a least one to three days.

FAITH LIFT EYE cream has the faith lift herbal extract in a rich emollient base to re-hydrate and provide essential nutrients to the skin around your eyes.

FAITH LIFT LIP plumps, redefines and minimizes fine vertical lines and keeps lip contour in shape. This product needs to be used daily for at least 30 days for maximum effect

FAITH LIFT FACE Cream contains the faith lift ingredient in a vitamin rich, nourishing moisturiser.

Combine both for £55

Vouchers available


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