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Thai yoga massage is a bodywork artform, moving, stretching & freeing up joints, muscles blood vessels & nerve pathways.  It's like having yoga done to you, only you go deeper with no effort, whilst being very relaxed... Feeling wonderful after.

Thai Yoga Massage Taster Workshop 2017 ... TBA

Giving you a taste of Thai massage... Looking at some of the techniques & stances.

Allowing you to decide if this is the right course for you or just because you would like to learn more about this beautiful art of bodywork...

Thai Yoga Massage Training Course 2018 ... TBA

One year course held in Reading with Kim Allyson - Director & Trainer
Consists of 12 days in-house training ... Saturdays 9 - 5pm
Case histories
Theory to include anatomy & physiology, to be completed at home


Thai Yoga Massage

Yoga style stretches will be applied to help free up tight joints, loosen tight muscles, release tension & relax your body...

“A powerful system of yoga therapy, combining rhythmic massage, acupressure & yoga stretches, whilst you
lay back & meditate. The treatment is very relaxing, restoring energy & working your whole body. Yoga therapy is particularly good for your spine, hips & shoulders helping to keep them supple & mobile. Yoga therapy opens up joints, stretches muscles, releases tension & stimulates your vital organs, immune & circulatory systems.”

Thai massage can also include a deep abdominal massage,  this is optional and for ladies only.

Thai treatments are very holistic & ideal to have once a month...

Cost £45

You will need to wear loose comfortable clothing  :)

It is advisable to drink plenty of water throughout the day & get a good night's sleep prior to your Thai massage.

Excellent feel good factor.



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